Pet health planHealthy pets at Minster Vets!

We know a lot of you are keen to sign up for a plan that spreads your pet’s preventative healthcare costs.

A lot of care has gone into making sure it’s a health plan that you covers your pet’s preventative healthcare needs. Our healthcare plans start at just £10.71 per month.
Here we’ve answered some of the questions clients have been asking:

What is preventative healthcare for your pet?

This includes annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatments – costs that aren't always considered by owners when buying or rescuing a pet. Did you know that very few insurance companies will help cover costs of preventative health care and that microchipping will soon be compulsory for all dogs? Regular health checks from vets or nurses mean that illnesses can be picked up nice and early and are more likely to be treatable.

It’s important because:

  • More pets will be free of parasites which can be harmful both to the animal and also to people.
  • Pets are better protected against diseases which are increasingly common.
  • Owners can relax and enjoy their pet knowing they have done everything to prevent the preventable.
  • Reduced cost microchipping means it’s even cheaper to ensure the best possible chance of getting your pet back should it go missing.
  • Both owner and veterinary staff are involved in making sure your pet is happy and healthy.
  • Your pet visits us regularly. This helps to create a bond between us and your pet and you. They might even get to like us!

Why Pet Health Plans work

Pet Health Plans allow you to budget for your pet’s preventative healthcare. In fact, a monthly fee for healthcare plus a good insurance means all your pet’s healthcare and wellness requirements are covered. An added bonus is that our plan includes discounts on microchipping, additional vaccinations, neutering, food and long term medication.

You have the reassurance that we have high standards at Minster Vets

We want to make sure that pets are getting veterinary-endorsed products which work and are suitable for your pet. Peace of mind is priceless.

Please drop in to one of our local branches or give us a call on 01904 643 997 – one of our team will happily explain our healthcare plans for your pet!

You can read more about our Pet Health Plans here: What is a pet health plan (PDF)