Consultancy Services

The poultry team offers a wide range of international expertise in all the aspects of poultry medicine and production. We are fluent in English and Spanish.  Our consultancy services are offered in the UK and abroad. These include:

  • Farms; problem investigation, husbandry and biosecurity advice.
  • Hatchery: problem investigation and hygiene audits
  • Abattoirs: problem investigation regarding meat hygiene, inspection and rejections.
  • Veterinary public health advice for the industry
  • Feasibility of experimental trials in poultry farms
  • Facilitators of information for product development
  • Independent assessors in field trials
  • Planning and poultry health advice for new producers
  • Technical support to the veterinary and pharmaceutical industries.

If you would like to discuss your specific needs, please contact Sara Perez on 01904 620968 or email: