We stock antibiotics and supplementary therapy for poultry in all our branches where they can be collected.

Our main vaccine store is located in our branch at Sutton Bonington.  All our products are in temperature controlled rooms so that they are kept in optimal conditions at all times. Vaccines are kept in designated fridges where temperatures are audited on a daily basis.
In case of emergency (after discussing with a vet) Clients can collect products out of hours, bank holidays and weekends.

For clients that wish to receive their products by courier, this can be arranged through any of our branches, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Existing clients are able to purchase prescription only medicines with the appropriate veterinary prescription. We can also dispense medication to clients under the care of other veterinary practices if they obtain a prescription for their veterinarian.
We are able to supply products not licensed in the UK under a SIC (Special Import Certificate) if this is required. We can also supply autogenous vaccines individually tailored for each farm which play an important role in the control of certain recurrent diseases where commercial vaccines are less effective.

To discuss your particular requirements regarding prophylactic treatments and vaccinations, please contact one of our poultry vets who will be happy to assist.